140924 SHINee「I’m Your Boy」event

  • TM: My favorite song is Colors of the season. This song is from the heart... (Makokoro)
  • Onew: Maguro? (tuna)
  • Staff: Not maguro!
  • SHINee: (bursts into laughter)
  • JH: Hey hey our Taemin is explaining! Listen!
  • TM: It has SHINee's special ballad feel so I really like this song.
  • JH: It's a good song
  • TM: The melody, the piano... Really a beautiful song
  • JH: The lyrics are beautiful too
  • TM: Yes.. And I am beautiful too
  • JH: No!
  • TM: SHINee is beautiful too
  • JH: SHINee is beautiful but Taemin is nowhere near (beautiful) yet
  • Everyone: (laughs)
  • TM: ...I... will work hard
  • JH: Yes please work hard and become beautiful
  • TM: How?.. How can I become beautiful?
  • JH: I don't know lol
  • MC: So Taemin you think you are beautiful?
  • TM: nowhere near (beautiful) yet.
  • Everyone: (laughs)
  • JH: Sorry I was joking
  • MH: He's a bad man!
  • cr: ipipie


Qn: What do you do when you’re tired to refresh yourselves?

Jonghyun: I guess it’s to rest and sleep alot. I usually space out on my bed before sleeping. Like, boonnggg………. Just like that.
Taemin: Bath! For about 30mins to an hour.
Jonghyun: It’s probably not a good idea to soak in there for an hour you know??
MC: what do you do when you’re in there
Jonghyun: He’ll go boonggggg